Talks - 2017

20.-24.03.2017 – Astrochemistry VII – Through the Cosmos from Galaxies to Planets
(Puerto Varas, Chile)
Invited Speaker

Talks - 2016

18.03.2016 – Colloquium Talk
University of Albanova, Stockholm (Sweden)
Invited Speaker

26.06.-01.07.2016 – Conference EPOS  "The Early Phase of Star Formation"
Ringberg Castle (Germany)
Invited Speaker

03.-07.07.2016 – Conference  “Exoplanets I”
Davos (Switzerland)

24.07.2016 – Symposium Max Planck Society
Valparaìso (Chile)
Co-Organizer & Invited Speaker

10.08.2016 – Colloquium Talk
University of Hokkaido, Sapporo (Japan)
Invited Speaker

12.-14.09.2016 – Conference  “Evolution of Chemical Complexity: From simple interstellar molecules
to terrestial biopolymers”

Libice (Czech Republic)
Invited Speaker

23.09.-01.10. – Workshop  “Japan-Germany Planet &  Disk Workshop”
Ishigaki Island (Japan)
Invited Speaker

12.11.2016 – Colloquium Talk
University of Rostock (Germany)

20.-23.11.2016 – Conference "ECLA - European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics 2016: "Gas on the Rocks"
Madrid (Spain)
Invited Speaker

10.-12.102016 – Workshop "Missing links from Disks to Planets”
Budapest (Hungary)
Invited Speaker




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