MPIA Career Day 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016, 13:30
MPIA-Lecture Hall

The meeting will provide a nice opportunity to gain some insights into possible career paths as an astronomer/physicist apart from scientific institutes. The guests will talk about their work and experiences at companies/in industry. Three of the speakers were former students/scientists at MPIA.
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MPIA Career Day 2016

Dr. Jochen Tackenberg
"Willing to do whatever. But want to have fun..."

"I'm working at Next Kraftwerke, a direct marketer of renewable energies. My official position is dispatcher, which links generation units to the market by solving optimization problems. But in dailiy life I'm more of a programmer / project manager / project developer / odd-job man. I studied physics in Cologne and then wrote my PhDthesis at Thomas Henning and Henrik Beuther about high-mass star formation. I never attended any programming class.

Dr. Natalie Raettig
"A Career in Space"

"After my physics studies I continued with a PhD in Hubert Klahr's planet formation group where I did numerical simulations. Now at CGI I am doing a variety of different task ranging from Project Management for an Earth observation study to software testing and quality assurance of ESA's monitoring and control software. Additionally I take part in building a prototype of a new product, support proposals and am one of the local flight dynamics experts."

Hinnerk Gildhoff

leads a very interesting development group at SAP. The team works with Geo-Spatial Data and develops the spatial engine of SAP HANA database. They are focusing on the new ways of spatial processing in a column store to reach incredible performance for complex spatial queries on big amounts of data with business- and geo-data. The group has connections both with industrial companies and ESA. The group leader, Hinnerk Gildhoff will show what kind of interesting research projects are available at SAP.

Dr. Karsten Dittrich
"From planet formation simulations to publishing services"

"Today I do software development in a publishing service company. I am using techniques that I never used before during my undergraduate or graduate studies. Being a physicist with a general interest in computer engineering and the skill-set of an astronomer was more than enough to successfully enter this field."

Jouni Kainulainen, Melissa Ness, Laura Zschaechner (Postdoc representatives)
Simon Bihr, Emer Brady, Thales Gutcke (Students representatives)
and Klaus Jäger

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