ALFA Picture and Fun Gallery

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Adaptive Optics and Laser Guide Star Enthusiasts

Hall of Fame of ALFA operators ...


  Here's the boss!

You like Java?

Markus Kasper und Thomas Ott * Edelstoff makes them happy ...

Doug Looze, Markus Kasper, und Wolfgang Hackenberg * Doug loops ... hmm ... makes closed loops stable

Paul Kalas * Paul's cookery is unbeatable ...

Andreas Eckart, Wolfgang Hackenberg, Thomas Ott und Stefan Hippler * AE's Let's go to ten sixty eight and SH's Let's switch to the backup program (tinto) are famous words in the ALFA control room

The MPIA gang 1999: RW, MF, TB, MK, SH, KW, PB (November 1999 at MPIA)

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to control the adaptive optics and the laser guide star facility

ALFA GUI Hardcopies (Oct 99)
AO Main Panel Stages 1 DM Tuning Tracker 1 Laser Guide Star Controller
Calibration Stages 2 Interferometer Tracker 2
Wavefront Camera Stages 3 DM Controller Tracker 3
Utilities Stages 4 Tracker 4
AO Data Display AO Data Screen

ALFA Computer Aided Design (CAD) images

The ALFA Optical Bench ALFA below the Mirror Cell

ALFA Instrumentation Pictures

ALFA (closed) + OMEGA-Cass on the 3.5m Telescope

ALFA (open) + OMEGA-Cass on the 3.5m Telescope

  ALFA + MAGIC on the 3.5m Telescope

Laser Cabine  Laser Cabine