Adaptive optics laboratory at MPIA - projects and instrumentation

Adaptive optics is a key technology that allows terrestrial telescopes to operate close to their best possible optical properties. For this reason, MPIA set-up an adaptive optics laboratory at the beginning of the 21st century. This allows new developments such as wavefront sensors, high-speed detectors, deformable mirrors, real-time control software to be tested and ultimately integrated into specific instrumentation.

Components developed in the AO laboratory are built into the following instrumentation:

GRAVITY - The Universe in motion. Precision astrometry with the VLT interferometer
Contact Scientist at MPIA: Wolfgang Brandner
ASTRALUX - Lucky Imaging in the northern and southern hemisphere
Contact scientist at MPIA: Wolfgang Brandner
PYRAMIR - Infrared sensitive pyramid wavefront sensor for the ALFA adaptive optics system at the Calar Alto 3.5m telescope
Contact scientist at MPIA: Markus Feldt
SPHERE - High-contrast adaptive optics instrument for finding and observing extra-solar Planets
Contact scientist at MPIA: Markus Feldt
METIS - Mid-infrared ELT imager and spectrograph
Contact scientist at MPIA: Markus Feldt
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