Scientific Manager :  Dr.  Cristina Afonso
Project Manager     :  Dr. Karl-Heinz Marien

The Large Area Imager for the Wise Observatory - LAIWO, is an optical camera with 4 CCDS  4Kx4K pixels, currently being built here at the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie, Heidelberg. The camera will be mounted on the 1-m telescope in the Wise Observatory in the Negev desert, Israel. The field of view will be one square degree with a 0.7'' resolution. LAIWO will be used for photometric detection of transiting extra-solar Jupiter-size planets.  

Technical Description

The camera will have 4 Lockheed CCD486 devices, 4kx4k pixels, each 15 microns. The CCDs are frontside-illuminated with the following characteristics:
  • Quantum Efficiency of about 40% between 600 and 850nm
  • Read-out noise < 5 e-
  • Full-well > 85,000 e-
There will be one guider CCD located at the center of the mosaic: a eV CCD47-20, 1kx1k frame transfer device, with a pixel size of 13 microns.
  • Filters
The filters (B,V,R,I,z') will be mounted on a ruler that fits into a drawer. Three separate plates of sets of filters can be mounted on the ruler at the same time. Each plate contains 5 filters, 4 for the imager CCDs and one for the guider CCD.

  • Telescope
The Wise telescope is a Boller and Chivens telescope, i.e. a Ritchey-Chretien reflector mounted on a rigid off-axis equatorial mount. The optics consist of:
  • a 40 inch/1m diameter clear aperture f/4 primary mirror
  • a 20 inch/50cm diameter f/7 Cassegrain secondary mirror
  • a corrector quartz lens located 4 inch/10 cm above primary
  • Location
The Wise Observatory is located 200 km South of Tel Aviv, Israel and 5km West of the city of Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev desert.

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