LINC-NIRVANA (LN) is a near infrared imaging instrument for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) offering both multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) and interferometric beam combination for ultra high spatial resolution. The combination of LN and LBT provides a unique platform for high angular resolution astronomy. On the one hand, the fully adaptive secondary mirrors of the telescope permit exquisite correction of ground layer atmospheric turbulence. When combined with higher layer correction within LN, the resulting MCAO system will deliver single-eye, diffraction limited imagery over a wide field of view. On the other hand, the two, co-mounted 8.4 meter primary mirrors of the LBT present an orientation-independent entrance pupil to the instrument. This allows LN to operate in so-called Fizeau-mode, delivering 23-meter spatial resolution and 12-meter effective collecting area for panoramic imagery.


This website explains the science and technology behind LINC-NIRVANA. It also provides links to a variety of resources to further your exploration. Enjoy!


LIFT OFF! (right)- LINC-NIRVANA has "first flight" as the team tests the lifting traverse and other hardware needed for installation at LBT. Click the picture for more details.

Latest from the Mountain…June 2015

Latest from the Lab…PAE, Packing and Shipment!

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Pathfinder returns to the lab…

LINC-NIRVANA Full-Instrument Flexure Test

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