Funding Sources

MPG Zentralmittel

INAF Central Funding

MPIA Internal Funds

Humboldt Foundation - Wolfgang Paul Prize (R. Ragazzoni)

Verbundforschung - 4 separate grants

MPIfR Internal Funds

University of Cologne Internal Funds

FP6 / Opticon 2 separate grants JRA1 and JRA4

MPIA / H.-W. Rix Berufungsmittel

University of Cologne / A. Eckart Berufungsmittel

INAF Observatories - Arcetri, Bologna, Padova, Roma

MPE Garching Internal Funds

Ministero per L'Universita e Ricerca (Italian Ministry for University Research)


As of June 2013, LINC-NIRVANA has produced 2 patents:


US Patent 8,303,313: Novel Optical Bench Construction from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic”

    (“Montageplatten aus kohlefaserverstärktem Kunststoff”)


German Patent DE 10 2005 026 418: Spiegelträger für einen optischen Spiegel

   (“special substrate development for all-metal mirrors”)


As of June 2013, LINC-NIRVANA has produced 13 refereed journal articles and well over 100 conference proceedings. See the Papers page for full details.


As of June 2013, LINC-NIRVANA has figured prominently in 16 PhD Theses and 8 Diplom or Master's Theses






Anconelli, B., Universityof Genova

Arcidiacono, C., Arcetri

Bergomi, M., University of Padova

Bertram, T., University of Cologne

Böhm, Michael, University of Stuttgart

Brunelli, A., University of Padova

Egner, S., University of Heidelberg

Follert, R., University of Heidelberg


Foppiani, I., University of Bologna Lombini, M., University of Bologna

Meyer, E., University of Heidelberg

Müller-Sanchez, F., MPE Garching

Rost, S., University of Cologne

Schreiber, L., University of Bologna

Tremou, E., University of Cologne

Viotto, V, University of Padova.

Diplom / Master's

Brunelli, A., University of Padova

Friedlein, R., University of Heidelberg

Lombini, M., University of Bologna

Reymann, D., Fachhochschule Darmstadt



Roth, S., Fachhochschule Darmstadt

Schmidt, J. J., University of Heidelberg

Schreiber, L., University of Bologna

Viotto, V, University of Padova.

Industrial Collaborations

LINC-NIRVANA exploits a number of unique technologies that have been developed in collaboration with industry. The following is a subset of our industrial collaborations:


Stahlbau Glawion, Eberswalde, Germany

Ingenieurbüro Schlossmacher, Unterschleissheim, Germany

Ingenieurbüro Steinbach + Lopez +Könitzer, Jena, Germany

INVENT GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany

Fraunhofer Institut für Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik, Jena, Germany

Bieri Engineering, Winterthur, Germany

Präzisionsoptik Kaufmann, Crailsheim, Germany

Physik Instrumente (PI), Karlsruhe, Germany





Design Reviews


LINC-NIRVANA has undergone stringent review at all stages of its development using panels of experts from around the world. As of June 2013, LN has passed 6 external reviews

Concept Review - January 2002

Preliminary Design Review - April 2003

Final Design Review - July 2005

Software Delta Review - January 2007

AIV Review - June 2011

Pathfinder PAE Review - December 2012


• The LINC-NIRVANA common software is being used by other instruments, for example ARGOS on LBT and LAIWO at the Wise Observatory.


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20 June 2013