Pathfinder Installation on LBT - April 2013

On April 25, 2013, the LINC-NIRVANA Pathfinder made the 30 meter vertical flight from the LBT high bay to its new home on the telescope. This is an important milestone for the project, and we look forward to the first on-sky results. Congratulations to Harald Baumeister, Tobias Maurer, and the rest of Team T3!


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Pathfinder is an effort to bring a substantial portion of the LINC-NIRVANA instrument to the telescope in advance. Specifically, one Ground-Layer Wavefront Sensor (GWS) and its associated drive electronics and software will be implemented at the right, rear, bent focus of the LBT. This will demonstrate ground layer correction of turbulence, as well as establish the needed infrastructure for telescope and adaptive secondary communications. It will also allow the team to perfect the techniques of star acquisition and tracking.

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