T4 Pathfinder Alignment Campaign - 1-9 October 2013

In early October 2013, the Pathfinder team returned to the observatory to align the instrument to the telescope. This involved projecting laser light from the instrument platform up to the secondary adaptive mirror, where a custom screen allowed the team to measure the exact light paths.

The team also assembled and installed a dust-proof enclosure for the ground layer wavefront sensor. With these tasks completed, we are looking forward to the calibration campaign in November!

Jacopo performing the initial enclosure assembly.

Some fine engineering by Roberto...

The Pathfinder enclosure in place.

The prime focus screen and camera

Installing the retro-reflector screen.

Roberto spot spotting...

Roberto (brains of the operation)

and Tom (screwdriver wrangler)

Valentina, Maria, and Roberto frozen to Pathfinder

(it was COLD!)

Roberto confined to the dungeon.

The red line indicates the laser light path for aligning Pathfinder. The small screen is at top.

It's just a jump to the left...

And then a step to the right...

The alignment spot on the dome wall…

... and on the prime focus screen.

The Pathfinder instrument (lower right) ready for calibration!

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