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MPIA contribution to the software development

MPIA is collaborating closely with the Landessternwarte Heidelberg on the development of data-reduction software for PRIMA astrometry observations. This software will produce science-grade differential astrometry from PRIMA raw data, including short- and long- term de-trending. The data-reduction software will be designed so that it can be maintained and expanded after the Consortium has delivered it to ESO.

MPIA is also collaborating on the development of the ASTRID database. ASTRID will be used to collect relevant parameters of the target and reference star pairs. The database will include archival data on the stars as well as the measurements obtained during the preparatory programs (NIR imaging, spectroscopy and astrometry). The database can be edited interactively and online by all ESPRI consortium members, allowing rapid access to target parameters and the ability to update new target data. When ESPRI observations commence with the VLTI, astrometric results will also be added to the ASTRID database.

Part of a typical ASTRID entry for a target star.
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