4th Planet Formation Workshop

 "Planet Formation and Evolution Studies:
Various Approaches - One Goal"

Heidelberg, March 1-3, 2006

Jörg BüchnerPlasma interactions of extrasolar Planets with their stars
Arnaud CassanDiscovery of a cool planet of 5.5 earth masses through gravitational microlensing
Kees DullemondCrystallinity of Dust as a Probe of Disk Formation History
Massimiliano EspositoHot Jupiters of young stars
Davide FedeleV1647 Ori: when the disk is unstable
Florian FreistetterHow Planets Could Shape the Dust Disc of Beta Pictoris
Patrick GlaschkeA new Hybrid Code for Protoplanet Formation
Valentina GranataRATS: The photometric data reduction automatic pipeline
Valentina GranataRadial Velocity and Transit Search (RATS)
Carsten GüttlerExperimental Studies on the Formation of Chondrules by Electric Discharge
Artie HatzesRecent Results from the Tautenburg Observatory Planet Search Program (TOPS)
Pascal HedeltRemote Sensing of Venus' atmosphere during the Venus transit in June 2004
Domini HezelMeteorites and the early solar system
Markus JansonGround-based imaging for direct detection of substellar companions to nearby stars
Inga KampHI 21 cm line observations of disks: disk extensions and dispersal
Hubert KlahrHot Bubbles around Nascent Planets
Kacper KornetSimultaneous evolution of water ice and silicates in protoplanetary disk
Alexander KrivovDebris disks, small bodies, and planets
Torsten LöhneSize and radial distribution of dust in debris disks
Frederic MassetDisk-Planet Interactions
Uwe MotschmannPlasma interactions of extrasolar Planets with their stars
Martina QueckClumps in Debris Disks with Embedded Planets -- Resonance vs. Collisions
Susanne PfalznerThe Effect of Encounters in the ONC
Zsolt SandorModeling the resonant system HD 128311
Alexander SchegererThe inner region of circumstellar disks around T Tauri stars
Dimitry SemenovNon-Stationary Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks
Aurora Sicilia-AguilarDisk and Accretion at the Ages of Planet Formation
Roland SpeithSimulations of Collisions Between Porous Preplanetesimals
Tilmann SpohnInterior structure and evolution of the terrestrial Planets
Barbara StrackeParameterising a temperature-dependence of biogenic source gas emissions across the HZ for earthlike exoplanets.
Micaela StumpfA search for planetary-mass companions to young brown dwarfs in the solar neighbourhood
Jens TeiserExperimental studies on impacts of chondrules into porous dust agglomerates under microgravity conditions
Sebastian WolfSignatures of Planets in Protoplanetary and Debris Disks
Svitlana ZhukovskaConstraints on planet system formation from the chemical evolution modelling of the Galaxy