AB Dor C
Seyfert Galaxy Torus Model

The images show surface brightness distributions of our mean Seyfert torus model at different inclination angles (given in the upper right corner) simulated with the MC3D code (Monte Carlo method based 3D continuum radiative transfer code) by Sebastian Wolf. Only the innermost part of the torus is visible (the scale is given in pg, 1pc=3.26 light years), especially the X-like structure of the directly illuminated inner walls. An absorption band appears, which is caused by the accretion disk. Furthermore, the layering of dust grains, due to different sublimation radii is visible in the inner part.

(Animation: Marc Schartmann)

The department Galaxies and Cosmology of the Max Planck institute for Astronomy deals with the study of the quasars, to which the Seyfert galaxies belong.