Instrumentation Projects

MPIA is active in developing astronomical cameras and spectrometers as well as more complex instrumentation such as LINC-NIRVANA. Our contribution to instrumentation projects - for some of which we take on a leading role as the so-called principal investigator (PI) institute - ranges from computer-aided optical design and mechanical construction to developing state-of-the-art electronics and software.

Advances in astronomy go hand in hand with advances in telescope technology. We are one of the leading institutes when it comes to developing ever better ways of improving angular resolution - from adaptive optics to interferometry to innovative data processing.

Support systems such as laser guide stars (ARGOS) and intelligent vibration sensors (OVMS) help telescopes to achieve optimum performance under extreme conditions. Our developments push the limits of engineering - as in the use of advanced, lightweight materials - and frequently involve collaborations with engineering research departments. 

For a list of all current and past MPIA instrumentation projects, see the overview of ground-based and of space-based projects.

Current instrumentation projects involving the Galaxies and Cosmology department are:

LINC-NIRVANA - Interferometric NIR camera at the LBT
Contact scientist at MPIA: Tom Herbst (PI)

PANIC - PAnoramic Near-Infrared Camera for the Calar Alto 2.2m telescope
Contact scientist at MPIA: Josef Fried (PI)

OVMS - Optical path difference and Vibration Monitoring System for the LBT and its interferometers
Contact Scientist at MPIA: Martin Kürster (PI)

ASTRA - ASTrometric and phase-Referenced Astronomy upgrade of the KECK NIR interferometer
Contact Scientist at MPIA: Jörg-Uwe Pott

ARGOS - Advanced Rayleigh guided Ground layer adaptive Optics System, the laser guide star for the LBT 
Contact Scientist at MPIA: Wolfgang Gässler

EUCLID - Visible and NIR wide-field imager to map the geometry of the dark Universe (planned ESA M-class satellite mission)
Contact Scientist at MPIA: Knud Jahnke

MICADO- Multi-AO Imaging Camera for Deep Observations at the E-ELT
Contact Scientist at MPIA: Jörg-Uwe Pott

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