Simulation of wavefront propagation through the METIS imager for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) /

Simulation der Ausbreitung der Wellenfront im METIS Imager für das Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

Type: Master
Department: Instrumentation / PSF
Supervisor: Peter Bizenberger
Start: asap

Wir suchen einen an astronomischer Instrumentierung interessierten Masterstudenten für eine Arbeit im METIS Projekt.
METIS ist ein Instrument für das Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), ein 39m-Klasse-Teleskop, welches sich gerade in Chile im Bau befindet.

We are looking for a Bachelor / Master student interested in astronomical instrumentation to work on the METIS project.
METIS is an instrument for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), a 39m class telescope, currently under construction in Chile.

Arbeitssprache: Deutsch oder Englisch

MPIA builds in the framework of an international consortium the re-imaging optics and opto-mechanics for the infrared camera and spectrometer called METIS. This instrument operates in the wavelength range of 3 to 19. One of the major science goals is high contrast imaging of exoplanets.
Within this master thesis, a simulation of the wavefront propagation through the METIS imager shall be performed in order to quantify diffraction effects.
Diffraction by pupil stops and by edges of the optics contributes to the background of the science images. Particularly for high contrast imaging of faint objects around bright stars this effect might limit the performance of the METIS imager. To calculate this effect, the METIS optical design should be simulated with /VirtualLab/, a new software tool for optical design and analysis.

Kontakt / Contact:
Peter Bizenberger (, 06221-528-311) oder / or
Silvia Scheithauer (, 06221-528-399)

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