Equal opportunities through policies for the better compatibility of career and family

Reconciling career and family is a special challenge in the scientific field especially. Sustainable family policies also mean sustainable economic growth. Studies show that family-friendly human resources policies are beneficial not only to the working conditions of the employees but also have positive economic effects. A culture of consideration for family needs in working lives is increasingly regarded as an important social task and is today widely accepted as being the key to addressing the shortage of skilled personnel in the future.

The most important instruments at the MPIA:

  • family-conscious human resources management for men and women
  • flexible organization of working schedules and work location in particular phases of life (e.g. childcare hours, health care hours, dual career situations)
  • rights to childcare slots for children from 8 weeks to 6 years of age
  • childcare room and baby office
  • conference support
  • backup emergency support through Family Services
  • vacation care offers through the "Bündnis für Familie Heidelberg"
  • Dual career program
  • contact-maintaining programs for temporary absence from work during special phases of life
  • promotion of parental leave for fathers
  • support in finding living quarters, suitable schools and childcare places for new employees through the International Office
  • agency services for families through the "PME Familienservice" for childcare, senior citizen care and household services.
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