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Dr. Ulla Weber
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Generalverwaltung der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Equal opportunity representative

The equal opportunity representatives at the MPIA

  • promote and monitor equal opportunity for women and men
  • eliminate and prevent discrimination
  • are involved in all personnel, organizational and social measures that affect the equality of women and men
  • promote the compatibility of career and family
  • are contact persons in case of sexual harassment at the workplace
  • provide advice and support to affected parties
  • are involved in all phases of the application process at the MPIA
  • are elected for a period of 4 years

Central MPIA Equal Opportunity Representative

The Central Equal Opportunity Representative assists the Max Planck Society in implementing and developing its equal opportunity goals:

She provides advice to the different internal target groups - institutes, management, sections and functionaries - with regard to equal opportunity. In this role she is a permanent guest in various central committees of the Max Planck Society.

She initiates policies and projects in the area of equal opportunities.

She supports the equal opportunity representatives in the institutes, institutions and sections by providing information and continuing education seminars and also by negotiating both the role and the rights and duties of the representatives with decision-makers and the committees.

She supports internal and external communication to do with equal opportunities and represents the Max Planck Society to the outside world with regard to equal opportunities.

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