Bachelor / Master Projects at the MPIA

Undergraduate students from Heidelberg University or neighbouring universities that are interested in undertaking a bachelor or master thesis project at MPIA are encouraged to get in touch by filling the online form at this link:

or by contacting directly individual staff members at the institute. Students from elsewhere should get in touch with staff members of their choice via email. 

Below is a subset of possible Bachelor / Master Projects which are available, and for which the MPIA is currently seeking candidates.






1 Magneto Rotational Instability in Protoplanetary disks M/B PSF Hubert Klahr now
2 Baroclinic Instability in Protoplanetary disks M/B PSF Hubert Klahr now
3 Mapping our Milky Way M/B GC Hans-Walter Rix anytime
4 Lucky Imaging of Solar System Planets M PSF Stefan Hippler,
Wolfgang Brandner
5 The enviroment of AGN host galaxies in CARS M/B GC Bernd Husemann anytime
6 Experiments on interstellar ice evolution M/B PSF Cornelia Jäger starting from spring-time
7 Modelling stellar spectral line formation M/B GC Anish Amarsi anytime
8 The build-up of galactic nuclei M/B GC Nadine Neumayer anytime
9 Stray light analysis of METIS, an IR instrument for the
Extremely Large Telescope
M/B PSF Peter Bizenberger asap
10 Galactic archeology M/B GC Maria Bergemann anytime
11 Stellar spectroscopy M/B GC Maria Bergemann anytime
12 Stellar physics and cosmic nucleosynthesis M/B GC Maria Bergemann anytime
13 Astronomical instrumention at highest angular resolution
(ELT, AO, VLTI, ...)
M/B GC Jörg-Uwe Pott anytime
14 Studying black hole environments (observational astronomy) M/B GC Jörg-Uwe Pott anytime

Further Opportunities

In addition to the projects listed above, very talented and motivated students are also encouraged to directly contact Prof. Dr. Henning for the PSF department, and Prof. Dr. Meisenheimer or any other staff member for the GC department. Specially tailored projects can usually be arranged for exceptional candidates.
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