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Patzer Prize award 2014

December 04, 2014
On November 28, the solemn ceremony of the Ernst-Patzer Prize for the promotion of young scientists was held in the auditorium of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA). The awards were given this year to Benjamin Hendricks, Nikolay Kacharov, Paolo Bianchini, and Miguel Querejeta. [more]

Baby photos of a scaled-up Solar System

November 10, 2014

A group of scientists led by Kate Su of the University of Arizona has reconstructed „baby photos“ of the planetary system around the young star HD 95086. The system looks very similar to what we expect our own Solar System to have looked like between 10 and 90 million years after its birth – only larger. In particular, the researchers found that HD 95086 has two dust belts, analogous to the asteroid and Kuiper belts in our Solar system, surrounded by a large dust halo that is only found in young planetary systems. [more]

Revealing the Secrets of Galaxies – Second CALIFA Data Release

October 01, 2014
Today, the second large data release of the CALIFA-Survey has been published to the astronomical community and the public. It contains an unprecedented amount of data on 200 galaxies in the local universe allowing astronomers to study in detail numerous galaxy properties regarding their composition, kinematics, formation history and evolution. [more]

Innovative Training Schools: Mechanical Workshop and Personnel Department of MPIA Awarded by MPG

August 01, 2014
Each year, the Max Planck Society awards three institutional training centers for their special commitment to vocational training. Among the prize winners in 2014 is the MPIA with its Mechanical Workshop and the Personnel Department. [more]

Anica Till Received the Trainee Award 2014 of the Max Planck Society

July 29, 2014
For the eighth time, the Max Planck Society has awarded the Trainee Prize for outstanding achievements in vocational training. The winner 2014 is Anica Till from MPIA's administration department. [more]
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