Codes and Software

Planet and Star Formation Department


Solves chemical kinetics problems in astrophysics, including gas-grain interactions, surface reactions, deuterium fractionization, and transport phnomena.
Developer: Dmitry Semenov


Extensive deuterium chemistry network (55,000+ reactions with subsets) based on the OSU network with up-to-date reaction rates from recent laboratory and theoretical estimations.
Developer: Tobias Albertsson
A 1D climate - photochemistry - radiative transfer code that models a wide range of extrasolar planet atmospheres and resulting observables.
Developer: Lisa Kaltenegger
Self-gravity / Poisson-Solver for (magneto)-hydrodynamics
Developer: Rolf Kuiper
Reference: Kuiper et al., ApJ (2010) vol. 722 pp. 1556
Parallelized dust continuum radiative transfer code that supports any arbitrary 3-d dust density geometry.
Developer: Thomas Robitaille
Hybrid radiation transport module for (magneto)-hydrodynamics
Developer: Rolf Kuiper
Reference: Kuiper et al., A&A (2010) vol. 511 pp. 81-96
Combined planet formation and evolution code including the effects of gas and solid accretion, disk evolution and orbital migration.
Developer: Christoph Moradasini
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