GEMS Catalogue

GEMS present the object catalogue for the extended Chandra Deep Field South covering about 800 arcmin2 with HST/ACS F850LP imaging. Information about the survey is available in Rix et al. 2004 (pdf; 1.7Mb). In addition to a source list from SExtractor (Bertin & Arnouts 1996), Sersic shape parameters from GALFIT (Peng et al. 2002) are included as well. The table is provided in FITS format. For details about the included columns see the README.

The FITS table may be downloaded here (5.5Mb).
Accompanying information from COMBO-17 -including redshifts- is available here.

Recently, the catalogue has been upgraded to contain also the information from processing the HST/ACS F606W imaging. The column format of this catalogue matches the data presented by the STAGES project. In summary, it contains SExtractor and GALFIT measurements from both the F606W and the F850LP imaging together with all the available COMBO-17 data.

Please, find this ultimate version of the GEMS catalogue here (172MB) together with an accompanying README (PDF; 537KB). These files were last updated on 7. Aug. 2009.

In case you have questions concerning the catalogue, please contact: marco.barden ( at )