GEMS Publications

Refereed Papers:

GEMS Imaging of Red Sequence Galaxies at z~0.7: Dusty or Old?
Bell et al.
Jan 2004
pdf (1.1Mb)
GEMS: Galaxy Evolution from Morphologies and SEDs Rix et al. ApJS Jun 2004
pdf (1.7Mb)
Ultraviolet Light from Young Stars in GEMS Quasar Host Galaxies at 1.8 < z < 2.75
Jahnke et al.
Oct 2004
pdf (1.7Mb)
Colors of Active Galactic Nucleus Host Galaxies at 0.5 < z < 1.1 from the GEMS Survey
Sanchez et al.
Oct 2004
pdf (1.7Mb)
Bar Evolution over the Last 8 Billion Years: A Constant Fraction of Strong Bars in the GEMS Survey
Jogee et al.
Nov 2004
pdf (164kb)
Toward an Understanding of the Rapid Decline of the Cosmic Star Formation Rate Bell et al. ApJ May 2005
pdf (697kb)
Cosmological weak lensing with the HST GEMS survey Heymans et al. MNRAS Jul 2005
pdf (533kb)
GEMS: Which Galaxies Dominate the z~0.7 Ultraviolet Luminosity Density? Wolf et al. ApJ Sep 2005
pdf (1013kb)
The Evolution of Early-Type Red Galaxies with the GEMS Survey: Luminosity-Size and Stellar Mass-Size Relations Since z=1 McIntosh et al. ApJ Oct 2005
pdf (1.4Mb)
GEMS: The Surface Brightness and Surface Mass Density Evolution of Disk Galaxies
Barden et al.
Dec 2005
pdf (4.4Mb)
Dry Mergers in GEMS: The Dynamical Evolution of Massive Early-Type Galaxies
Bell et al.
Mar 2006
pdf (1.5Mb)
Color, Structure and Star Formation History of Dwarf Galaxies over the Last ~3 Gyr with GEMS and SDSS
Barazza et al.
May 2006
pdf (888kb)
A weak lensing estimate from GEMS of the virial to stellar mass ratio in massive galaxies to z~0.8
Heymans et al.
Sep 2006
pdf (101kb)