GEMS SkyWalker
Welcome to the GEMS Skywalker

This tool allows to view the whole of the GEMS colour mosaic. The small overview image (top-left) shows the full GEMS field, shrunk by a factor of 100. Select (click) one of the nine subframes (yellow border). This 1/9 of the GEMS field is displayed in in the middle panel. Use the mouse (click-drag) to move around the green circle in this field, the zoomed view of the green circle is shown in the large image (right).

In reality the big image has the size of a box of half a millimeter in size at one meter distance from your eyes (e.g. your stretched out hand), projected on the sky!!!

The GEMS images (inside of the red line) was complemented with coarser images from the Combo-17 survey (outside) to not leave blank spaces.

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Design & Programming: K.Jahnke/S.F.Sanchez (AIP)
Images: B. Häußler/K. Jahnke using data from the GEMS and Combo-17 projects
The developement of this tool was supported by Euro3d research training network for the promotion of integral field spectroscopy in Europe.