Dr Anish M. Amarsi

Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
Königstuhl 17
D69117 Heidelberg/Germany
Office: E 014
Phone: +49 (0)6221 528 – 422
E-Mail: amarsi [at] mpia.de
I am a postdoc at Uppsala University. Before that I was a postdoc at MPIA (Dec 2016 -- Nov 2019). Before that I was a PhD student at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Australian National University (2013 -- 2016), and before that I was a BA/MSci student at St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge (2009 -- 2013).
I work on making accurate models of the light that emerges from stars like the Sun. By comparing these models against real observations of stars, it is possible to infer essential properties of the stars --- in particular, their chemical compositions. To a good approximation, the present-day chemical compositions of Sun-like stars reflect the compositions of the gas from which the stars formed at their respective times of birth. Thus, by studying stars of different ages and different orbits in this manner, it is also possible to learn about the history and evolution of our Galaxy and the cosmos.
3D non-LTE radiative transfer
Spectroscopic models of late-type stars
Stellar parameters and chemical compositions
Galactic chemical evolution
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3D non-LTE abundance corrections (ASCII tables) for C1, O1, Fe2 (Amarsi+ 2019)
3D non-LTE abundance corrections (IDL tools) for C1, O1, Fe2 (Amarsi+ 2019)
Grid of 3D non-LTE Balmer line profiles (Amarsi+ 2018)
Grid of silicon abundance corrections (Amarsi & Asplund 2017)
Grid of iron abundance corrections (Amarsi+ 2016)
Grid of 3D non-LTE oxygen equivalent widths and abundance corrections (Amarsi+ 2015,2016)
Useful atomic data (Barklem's github page)

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