My main field of interest is the astromy, that is why I collected a couple of WWW sites of this field. Personally I am carrying out projects on this science in different research areas. If you are interested in this topics you can read my Research interest

Some interesting astronomical WWW sites

Kitt Peak National Observatory 
Calar Alto Observatory
Max Planck Institute für Astronomie
NASA HomePage
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Astrophysics Data System
JATE Astronomical Observatory
Konkoly Observatory
Hungarian Astronomical Association
Digitized Sky Survey
SkyView (The Internet's Virtual Telescope)
The StarPages (Astronomy Yellow Pages on the WWW)
Spece Telscope Science Institute
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Institute d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay
Observatoire de Paris
La Silla (ESO)
Cerro Tololo (NOAO)
Las Campanas (The Observatories of Carnegie Institution of Washington)

Information on the sky tonight

Current Sky Events from Astronomy magazine
What's up from Sky Online
Picture of the Day
SkyWiew will let you look at the sky

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