Lecture Course, SS2005
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, University of Heidelberg

From Brown Dwarfs to Giant Planets

Tuesdays, 15:15 to 17:00 (s.t.) (starting 12 April 2005)
Seminarraum of the Astronomisches Rechen Institut, Mönchhofstr. 12-14


Dr. Coryn Bailer-Jones (course contact. Email: calj AT mpia.de)


Overview and objective
Lecture schedule (and downloads)

Overview and objective

This lecture course will give an introduction to the astrophysics of brown dwarfs and gas giant planets (substellar objects). We will explore their internal structure, atmospheres, formation and evolution. Drawing on the latest research, we will cover observational data, observing techniques, physical models and the background theory of substellar objects. The emphasis will be on the physics and physical modelling, in particular in relation to what we have learned over the past century concerning stars. More details of the course content and general literature will be presented at the first lecture.

Although all relevant basic concepts will be covered, knowledge of basic undergraduate physics - in particular thermodynamics, properties of matter, quantum mechanics - plus familiarity with basic stellar physics would help. The lectures will be in English, but discussions and questions can be done in German.

If any student requires a "Schein" for this course, they must attend the first lecture and inform us there.


Course topics and related issues can be discussed with Coryn Bailer-Jones, either individually or in groups, in English or in German. To make an appointment, please send me an email, indicating the issues you would like to discuss. (Where am I?)

Lecture schedule (as of 08.06.2005)

The allocation of lectures to dates may change. Check back here for updates.
Downloads of the viewgraphs are available (after each lecture):
as PDF or as SXI (OpenOffice format, a free Linux version of Whinedoze Powerpoint).
This is not a complete set of lecture notes. Some material was presented only on the blackboard.

Download the syllabus [PDF]

Date Lecturer Topic Notes Viewgraphs
12 April CBJ Introduction finish 16:15 PDF SXI
19 April CBJ Internal structure and evolution I will review stellar structure PDF SXI
26 April
No lecture

3 May CBJ Internal structure and evolution II
10 May CBJ Internal structure and evolution III
17 May CBJ Atmospheres I
24 May CBJ Atmospheres II
31 May
No lecture

7 June CBJ Brown dwarf populations I
14 June CBJ Brown dwarf populations II
21 June TH Star and planet formation

28 June CBJ Exoplanets
5 July CBJ Brown dwarf formation will cover rest of
exoplanets (pp. 19-28)
12 July CBJ Remaining bits and summary will cover rest of
formation (pp. 15-30)

Coryn Bailer-Jones, calj at mpia-hd.mpg.de
Last updated 5 July 2005