MPIA Postdoctoral Researcher (non permanent)

Dr. Ludmila Carone  
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
Königstuhl 17
D69117 Heidelberg/Germany
Status: Postdoctoral researcher
Office: 308/03
Phone: 0049 (0)6221 528 – 219
E-Mail: carone at mpia dot de
3D modelling of habitable (Exo-)Earths
3D modelling and characterization of temperate to very hot extrasolar gas planets (700 -2500 K)
Impact of stellar variability on habitable (exo)planets (circulation/erosion) and chemistry of 3D atmospheres (gas planet characterization)
Co-Supervision with Prof. Leen Decin since 9/2017: PhD Robin Baeyens- stellar variability impact on 3D hot Jupiters - KU Leuven, Astronomy
7/2018 -9/2018: Summer internship Yuan Chen: Ghost from the past - tidal spin-up of a star via a long destroyed planet - MPIA
9/2018 -9/2019: Master thesis co-supervision Patrick Barth: Coupling geodynamics and atmosphere on rocky (exo-)planets - MPIA
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Verantwortlich / Responsible: Ludmila, Carone
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