I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Planet and Star Formation Department specialising in wide orbit planets and mining astronomical surveys. My main research interests are exoplanets brown dwarfs and the initial stellar & substellar mass function. In my previous postdoctoral positions I worked on Pan-STARRS1 data in a previous spell at MPIA and also at Hawai`i, and at Radboud University Nijmegen producing proper motion surveys for the IPHAS Galactic Plane survey. Before that I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh. As well as my research I occasionally do a bit of public understanding writing as one of the authors on we are all in the gutter.

Centre for Astrophysics Research
University of Hertfordshire
College Lane Campus, Hatfield
AL10 9AB, UK
n.deacon2 herts.ac.uk
Latest Papers
Identification of partially resolved binaries in Pan-STARRS 1 data Deacon, N. R., Magnier, E. A., Best, William M. J., et al.
2MASS 0213+3648 C: A wide T3 benchmark companion to an an active, old M dwarf binary Deacon, N. R., Magnier, E. A., Liu, Michael C., et al.
197 Candidates and 104 Validated Planets in K2's First Five Fields Crossfield, Ian J. M., Ciardi, David R., Petigura, Erik A., et al.