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Hello and welcome to MPIA's Planet and Star Formation Coffee!

PSF Coffee is held every wednesday at 14:00 in MPIA's lecture hall!

For volunteering for slots, please contact Rich Teague (teague), Aida Ahmadi (ahmadi), or Markus Feldt (feldt)!


* PSF Coffee is started by an informal part. Short contributions (<= 3 slides) are allowed during this part. Such short contributions may be pre-announced or spontaneous.
* There are up to 2 slots for talks available per instance.
* Talks should not exceed ~15 minutes leaving ample time for discussion.
* Talks should focus on a single result or work in progress and contain a maximum of 6 slides (not including transitions).
* Discussion, also during talks, is strongly encouraged!
* Total time is about 60 minutes!
* PSF Coffee never gets fully canceled, but in case of no announced talks, there will be no coffee provided...
* If you drink coffee or eat cookies and are not a PhD student or visitor, a small contribution to the PSF Snacks Trust Fund is kindly requested.

Upcoming events:

January 2017

4 Janaury

11 January
Slot 1: Simon Bihr, MPIA - "Studying atomic hydrogen during cloud formation by means of HI self absorption (HISA)"
Slot 2: Patrick Barth, MPIA - "Large-Scale Circulation with Cloud Formation in Planetary Atmospheres"

18 January
Slot 1: Nestor Espinoza, PUC - "Connecting atmospheric composition with planet formation: C/O ratios and beyond"
Slot 2: Jeroen Bouwman and Oliver Krause, MPIA, "JWST - What can it do for you?"

25 January
Slot 1: Bertram Bitsch, Lund Observatory - "Implications of pebble accretion on the composition of giant planets"
Slot 2: Juan Soler, MPIA - "TBD"

February 2017

1 Febraury
Slot 1: Joel Sanchez, MPIA - "GRAVITY/VLTI early results of the MPIA GTO program"
Slot 2: Faustine Cantalloube, MPIA - "TBD"

8 Febraury
Slot 1: Henrik Beuther, MPIA, "Overview of ALMA capabilities"
Slot 2:

15 Febraury
Slot 1: Bertram Bitsch, Lund Observatory - "TBD"
Slot 2:


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