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Hello and welcome to MPIA's Planet and Star Formation Coffee!

PSF Coffee is held every wednesday at 14:00 in MPIA's lecture hall!

For volunteering for slots, please contact Aida Ahmadi (ahmadi), Hendrik Linz (linz), or Markus Feldt (feldt)!


* PSF Coffee is started by an informal part. Short contributions (<= 3 slides) are allowed during this part. Such short contributions may be pre-announced or spontaneous.
* One talk per session is the default. But up to 2 slots for talks can be accommodated per instance if necessary.
* Talks should not exceed ~20 minutes leaving ample time for discussion.
* Talks should focus on a single result or work in progress and not contain too many slides.
* Discussion, also during talks, is strongly encouraged!
* Total time is about 60 minutes!
* PSF Coffee never gets fully canceled, but in case of no announced talks, there will be no coffee provided...
* If you drink coffee or eat cookies and are not a PhD student or visitor, a small contribution to the PSF Snacks Trust Fund is kindly requested.

Upcoming events:

July 2018

4 July
Speaker: Takahiro Ueda, Tokyo Institute of Technology - "Dust-pileup at the dead-zone inner boundary and implications for the disk shadow"
Chair:  Mario Flock

11 July
Speaker: Alexander Lazarian, University of Wisconsin-Madison - "Dispersion of velocity gradients: Mapping magnetization with the Velocity Gradient Technique"
Chair: Juan Soler

18 July
Speaker: Taisiya Kopytova, Arizona State University - "Machine learning for characterizing exo-atmospheres"
Chair: Ludmila Carone

25 July
Speaker: Ralf Farkas, IPAG - "Machine Learning Techniques for Exoplanet Detection"
Short contribution: Trifon Trifonov, MPIA - "New exo-planet discoveries"
Chair: Faustine Cantalloube

August 2018

1 August
Speaker: Rich Teague, University of Michigan - "A Kinematical Detection of Two Embedded Jupiter Mass Planets in HD 163296"
Short contribution: Wolfgang Brandner, MPIA - "Testing the predictions of general relativity near the Milky Way’s central black hole"
Chair:  Jeroen Bouwman

8 August
Speaker: Sami Dib, MPIA Heidelberg - "The IMF: a tale of variations"
Chair:  Hendrik Linz

- Summer Holidays -

Holiday Intermission: Special Visitor Seminar
22 August
Speaker: Steve Ertel, LBTI Instrument Scientist, Steward Observatory - "TBD"
Chair: Matthias Samland

- Summer Holidays -

September 2018

5 Sep.
Speaker: Yashiro Hasegawa, JPL - "TBD"
Chair: Mario Flock

12 Sep.
Speaker: Joost Wardenier, Sterrewacht Leiden - "TBD"
Short contribution: Paul Molliere, Sterrewacht Leiden

19 Sep.

26 Sep.
Speaker: Bertrand Goldman, MPIA & Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg - "The large Lower Centaurus-Crux moving group as seen by Gaia DR2"

October 2018

3 Oct.

10 Oct.
No PSF Coffee, but last day of the PSF retreat!

17 Oct.

24 Oct.
Speaker: Rainer Köhler, University of Vienna - "TBD"


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