Curriculum Vitae (CV)


since 2015: PhD student - MPIA/ARI, Heidelberg
2010 - 2015: MPhys (Hons) Astrophysics – University of St Andrews

Contributed conference talks

2018: The multi-scale physics of star formation and feedback during galaxy formation, Heidelberg, Germany
2016: How Galaxies form Stars, Stockholm, Sweden
2016: The Role of Feedback in the Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters, Sexten, Italy

Poster presentations

2018: The Laws of Star Formation: From the Cosmic Dawn to the Present Universe, Cambridge, UK
2018: The Olympian Symposium 2018, Paralia Katerini, Greece
2017: Linking Observations and Theory Across the Scales of Star Formation in Galaxies, Sexten, Italy
2017: Galactic Star Formation with Surveys, Heidelberg, Germany
2016: Physics of star formation: Milky way and Beyond. A Heidelberg-Harvard workshop, Heidelberg, Germany

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