International Conference at Ringberg castle , Bavaria, Germany, October 21-24, 2012

50 Years of Brown Dwarfs:
from Theoretical Prediction to Astrophysical Studies

SOC: Viki Joergens, Isabelle Baraffe, Gibor Basri, Wolfgang Brandner, Adam Burgasser,
          Cathie Clarke, Thomas Henning, Ralf Klessen, Keivan Stassun

Invited speakers: Peter Allen, Isabelle Baraffe, Gibor Basri, Shantanu Basu, Matthew Bate, Beth Biller, Cullen Blake, Adam Burgasser, Gilles Chabrier, Paul Clark, Michael Cushing, Trent Dupuy, Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, Shiv Kumar, Michael Liu, Kevin Luhman, Mark McCaughrean, Ben Oppenheimer, Rafael Rebolo, Keivan Stassun, Maria Rosa Zapatero-Osorio

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This workshop will take place exactly 50 years after the theoretical prediction of the existence of brown dwarfs, i.e. of degenerate objects just not massive enough to sustain stable hydrogen fusion. The exploration of brown dwarfs has seen tremendous progress over the last years since the first discoveries in the 90ies. How brown dwarfs form, however, is still one of the main open questions in the theory of star formation. A key role to answer this question play brown dwarfs as members of binary and multiple systems. Steadily improving instrumental performance led to the discovery of companions around brown dwarfs down to planetary masses, to size (radii) and dynamical mass determinations, and to statistically significant samples of very low-mass binaries. These detailed empirical characterizations of brown dwarfs enable us to test and calibrate increasingly sophisticated models of internal structure, atmosphere, and formation of substellar objects.

The Ringberg workshop will open with a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Shiv Kumars's theoretical prediction of brown dwarfs and proceed to explore the origin of brown dwarfs with a focus on brown dwarf binaries. The aim is to foster a close link between observational binary studies (RV and direct imaging, incl. individual benchmark systems) and theories in the field of brown dwarf formation. The program will include invited review talks on the main topics as well as contributed talks. We cordially invite the community for abstract submissions.

Announcement poster for download: PDF File

Registration and call for abstracts: Registration and abstract submission is done simultaneously via the organizing software contoo.
                                                            Registration is closed (deadline was April 15, 2012).

Practical information: Read about accommodation, costs etc. here

Travel information: The Ringberg castle is situated 50 km south of Munich on a hill above the lake Tegernsee. [More]

Excursion on Wednesday afternoon: We will make a trip with a bus to a beautiful valley in the Alps (Eng valley) on Wednesday afternoon. There you can optionally join a moderate hiking trip or have coffee and cake in a nice restaurant (Alpengasthof Eng). We will all have dinner together in this alpine restaurant before we return back to Kreuth / Tegernsee with the bus, where you can either stay in a hotel or, for example, take the train to Munich.

Some more details: We depart on Wednesday, 13:00, from Ringberg castle and arrive after a 50 minute bus ride in the Eng valley in the Alps on an altitude of 1227 m. Those who like hiking, can join a guided hiking tour (about 2 hours, 350 m altitude) to the Binsalm (1500 m) with beautiful panorama views (please bring sturdy shoes and a rain coat). Alternatively, you can stroll around the Eng valley on even grounds, e.g. walk 1 km to the Eng Almen, and/or have coffee and cake in the restaurant. At 18:00, we will all meet for dinner at the restaurant Alpengasthof Eng (the costs for the dinner are covered by the registration fee). We will depart from there at 21:00 back to Kreuth / Tegernsee with the bus, where you can either stay in a hotel or, for example, take the train to Munich. In case of very bad weather, an alternative excursion will be planned.

Poster information: The poster walls have the dimension 750 mm width x 1500 mm height (for comparison, DinA0 has: 841 mm x 1189 mm).

LOC: Carolina Bergfors, Wolfgang Brandner, Thomas Henning, Viki Joergens, Elena Kozlikin, Maria Lenius, Joshua Schlieder, Neil Zimmerman