Hello there!

I'm Karan Molaverdikhani.
I study Planetary Atmospheres
in the hope to find bio-signature
somewhere in the universe ...

Here you go ...

I am Karan

I am interested in the comparative climatology to investigate diversity of exo(planetary) atmospheres and their chemistry, in particular for terrestrial planets, to predict how atmospheric biosignature gases might appear in atmospheric spectra of rocky planets (e.g. on Super-Earths).

Some exoplanet statistics as of 1 Jul, 2018:

Confirmed exoplanets
Small rocky planets
Planets in habitable zone
Planets with life

Recent Works at MPIA

Check out some of my latest works


The Chemical Kinetic Model

I have implemented a chemical kinetic model to study non-equilibrium chemistry. Example: A surprising Jupiter-like eddy diffusion on young planet PDS70b


A Multipurpose MCMC package by KM

I also have implemented a fast parallelized multipurpose mcmc package on irregular grid points, which has been successfully applied on low and high resolution transmission as well as directly imaged planets' spectra

Classification Scheme

A New Classification Scheme for Irradiated Planets

By simulating more than 112,000 synthetic planets, we propose a new classification of irradiated planets based on their spectral appearance. (link to arxiv)

Download Grids of Planetary Spectra

Download the grid of irradiated cloud-free models: Cloud free grid spectra

Download the grid of irradiated cloud-free models: Cloud free grid temperature structures

Download the grid of irradiated cloudy models: Coming Soon ...

Download the grid of self-luminous cloudy models: Coming Soon ...

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