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Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

Königstuhl 17

D-69117 Heidelberg

office phone:(++49|0) 6221 - 528-428

fax:(++49|0) 6221 - 528-246

I am a senior postdoctoral research associate at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy. I study how galactic dynamics impacts the activity, location and regulation of star formation in galaxies. My recent work is aimed at describing how the large scales in galaxies couple to the 50 pc scales of star-forming molecular clouds to regulate the conversion of gas into stars. To characterize the structure and organization of the ISM down to the cloud scale, I utilize observational information, mostly recently from the millimeter interferometer ALMA and the latest optical integral field unit VLT/MUSE, in addition to spatially-resolved multi-wavelength observations.

Sharon E. Meidt