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It is assumed that you arrive on Monday before lunch at about 13:00 and leave on Friday after 12:00. We will prepare lunch packages for the departure. If you plan to deviate from this schedule, please contact the organizers.

By Bus shuttle

We will organize a bus shuttle on Monday from Munich airport (MUC) to Ringberg castle. The bus will leave at 11:00 at the airport. The bus waits at Terminal 1, module/exit C. See this map of munich airport. Two people from us (Chris Ormel and Kai-Martin Dittkrist) will be waiting for you there. They will have a "Ringberg" sign. Our bus company is called Lechner. Depending on your airline, you might arrive at terminal 2. Then you have to go to terminal 1, they are linked. For the return trip we also provide a bus shuttle. Please choose flights from Munich with check-in times after 3 pm on Friday.

By Train

German Railway Search Engine Use Tegernsee as destination. From Tegernsee to the Castle, take a taxi, for example Taxi Kaufmann, phone number 08022 5555.

By Car

See Google Maps Point the navigation system of your car to: Schloss Ringberg, Schlossstrasse 20, 83708 Kreuth. The trip from Munich Airport to the Castle takes about two hours.