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Since a few years, our field is being transformed by the advent of ALMA, and by the new generation of spectrographs and extreme adaptive optics systems. This workshop will aim at discussing the first steps of planet formation, substructure in protoplanetary disks, the physical and chemical conditions of volatiles, and the various processes driving accretion onto the star and disk evolution. It will celebrate and honor the career of Antonella Natta, and her outstanding contributions to the field of star and planet formation.

Leonardo Testi (ESO)
Thomas Henning (MPIA)
Tom Ray (DIAS)
Myriam Benisty (IPAG & U. Chile)

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Francesca Bacciotti (Arcetri)
Cornelis P. Dullemond (ITA)
Barbara Ercolano (LMU)
Stefano Facchini (ESO)
Anna Miotello (ESO)
Anneila Sargent (Caltech)

Local Organizing Committee:
Stefano Facchini (ESO )
Miriam Keppler (MPIA)
Carlo Manara (ESO)
Anna Miotello (ESO)


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This event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730562 [RadioNet].