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The MPIA conference series
at Ringberg Castle
EPoS 2010 Discussing the initial phase with new Herschel data (169 Registrations, 69 Participants)

Time: 14 June 2010 - 18 June 2010
Special Approach: Cover all relevant aspects but also allow for substantial discussion time.
Focus Groups: The five focus groups were a central part of the conference:
+The Formation of Rich Clusters
+Large-Scale Structure in Molecular Clouds
+Magnetic Field Observations: Testing Star Formation Theory
+Computational Challenges: Where do we go from here?
+The Herschel satellite: the new observing tool for EPoS aficionados/aficionadas.
Open Questions: Questions which attracted special attention:
+Which processes are needed to form a Molecular Cloud (gravity, turbulence or MFs)?
+Is the magnetic field in cores weak or strong?