The Early Phase of Star Formation
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The MPIA conference series
at Ringberg Castle
EPoS 2014 Connecting small and large scales (130 Registrations, 69 Participants)

Time: 1 June 2014 - 6 June 2014

Special Approach: Cover all relevant aspects but also allow for substantial discussion time.
Focus Groups: The four focus groups had the topics:
+The physics underpinning multi-scale, spatially-resolved star formation relations
+Characterizing cloud structure in observations and simulations
+A Comparison of star formation in the Galactic center and the Galactic disk
+Interstellar Turbulence as a Bridge Connecting Large and Small Scale Processes
Open Questions: Questions which attracted special attention:
+What are the fibers?
+Is there a direct relation between infall onto the Galactic plane and the overall star formation process?
+Would we expect any massive pre-stellar core?
+Is there agreement that early disks are found to be smaller than late disks and that magnetic fields are expected to hinder large disks?
+Is it correct to speak of a new observationally-driven paradigm for star formation?