The Early Phase of Star Formation
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The MPIA conference series
at Ringberg Castle
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EPoS 2016 Progress after 10 years of EPoS

Time: 26 June 2016 - 1 July 2016
Special Approach: Cover all relevant aspects but also allow for substantial discussion time.
Organizational information:
The airport shuttle (Munich airport, Sunday 26 June 4 pm) will leave with all participants who have entered the bus.
a meeting in memory
of Francesco Palla
Special contributions:
The legacy of Francesco PallaHans Zinnecker
ESO's program:
status and prospects
Tim de Zeeuw
ESO Director General
Session topics and review speakers:
FilamentsRowan Smith
Disk FormationJohn Tobin
Stellar FeedbackHector Arce
Molecular CloudsEnrique Vazquez-Semadeni
Magnetic FieldsMartin Houde
Cores and CollapseRachel Friesen
Massive Star FormationPeter Schilke
Galactic Star FormationEve Ostriker
Cluster FormationCharles Lada
FragmentationQizhou Zhang
ChemistryEwine van Dishoeck
TurbulenceJouni Kainulainen
From Low- To High-Mass Star FormationThomas Henning