Admission at IMPRS-HD & Heidelberg University

Admission at IMPRS-HD

No paper work is necessary for admission at IMPRS-HD. Applicants who applied via the IMPRS-HD application procedure and have been offered a position will be asked formally to join IMPRS-HD upon arrival.

Admission at Heidelberg University

Admission/enrollment at Heidelberg university goes in two steps. First step is to register at the Faculty. By the signature of the Dean students become accepted as Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy. The second step is to register at Heidelberg University and enroll as student.
All admission material and more information about physics/astronomy PhD studies at Heidelberg University is provided by the Heidelberg Graduate School for Fundamental Physics' "Doctoral studies" web-pages.

Registration at the Faculty for Physics & Astronomy:

If you have applied to IMPRS or the Graduate School HGSFP and are accepted as a IMPRS fellow, that implies 1) that your application material has been evaluated already and 2) that registration at the Faculty has to be done at the secretariat of HGSFP. This is located in the same corridor as the Faculty's secretariat:

    Graduate School of Fundamental Physics
    Im Neuenheimer Feld 226, room 02.304
    69120 Heidelberg
Note the new address, as they moved summer 2012. When you go there, you must take with you:
    1) the application forms for Graduate School and University, incl. the signatures from you, your supervisor, and (part of) your thesis committee. Here is an overview from which you could download the forms.
    2) your Master's and Bachelor's degree certificates, or equiv. (original + copy)
    3) transcripts (original + copy)
    4) Master's thesis (original + copy)
    5) English abstract of thesis (if thesis is not written in German or English)
    6) Photograph (passport sized)

If your documents are not issued in German and English language, you may need certified translations of your documents.

The Dean will sign your application (within about a week). The HGSFP secretariat will then contact you and you could pick up all documents for registration at Heidelberg University.

Registration at Heidelberg University:

Registration at the university takes place at the central administration building downtown Heidelberg (close to "Universitaetsplatz"): Seminarstr. 2, 69117 Heidelberg.

If you are of non-German citizenship you have to go to the Akademisches Auslandsamt. As a German you should go to the main registration office. The latter is just right from the main entrance, the other is located at the end of the corridor if you go left at the main entrance. Note that there are no deadlines for Ph.D. students, as they may register at any time during the year.

When you go there please take with you:

    1) the University admission form you had filled out for the HGSFP and which was returned to you with the signature of the Dean.
    2) a certificate of your health insurance (the insurance companies have special student certificates, ask them)
    3) your school leaving exam certificate (if available)
    4) a photograph
    5) about 106.50 Euro (as of 2011) to pay your registration fee
    6) your passport

When you are registered at university and have received your student ID card, you may go and buy your "semester ticket" (133,50 Euro as of 2011) for public transport in the Heidelberg area and use all university services (refectories, accommodation service etc.).