This meeting has been organized in a workshop format so that there will be ample discussion. Each session will be followed by a 30 minute discussion period. In order to focus this discussion, it will be ideal to have a list of questions going into each discussion period. Here is where you have a chance to offer the questions you think are most important.


Defining the Problem: Observational Constraints

Are we missing any stars?

Does the same mechanism quench galaxies and keep them quiescent?

What is the best predictor of Quiescence?

What happens at 2x10^11 Msun to so change the evolution of galaxies?

Are "early type" and "late type" meaningful categories?

Do we need quasar and radio mode feedback in cosmological simulations? If so, for what reasons?

What AGN do

Can an M-sigma relation be established by AGN activity alone?

Can an M-sigma relation be established completely without AGN activity?

Do we close in on any AGN FB model using first principles?

Do we need quasar and radio mode feedback in cosmological simulations? If so, for what reasons?

Is the growth of L* galaxies regulated by both stellar and AGN feedback?

If Andrew King is correct, how do we implement AGN feedback in cosmological simulations?

What would be the idealized approach to tightening the Soltan argument

Are outflows ubiquitous/inevitable during high accretion phases of massive BHs?

Can AGNs in a disk galaxy suppress disk star formation?

Does Andrews feedback/regulation approach work if inflow is in a disk with small solid angle?

The role of AGN jets

Is it possible that all the feedback is due to the AGN radio jets?

Is it possible that none of the feedback is due to AGN radio jets?

How do jets and AGN in general affect the dense and clumpy gas (the one that can actually form stars)?

Gas In and Around Early Type Galaxies

Is there some massive unobserved gas phase?

Do early-type/quiescent galaxies grow new disks? If so, what is the timescale for this growth?

Do cosmological simualtions resolve the small-scale structure of the circumgalactic medium? If not, is this a big problem?

Are we currently modelling the CGM well enough to predict its properties? If not now, when?

Early and Late Stellar Feedback

Other quenching/quiescence Mechanisms

General Questions