Incomplete list of relevant dates and events

2014 Events

  • January 20-25; MaNGA meeting Portmouth, UK
  • March 10-14; 3D2014 meeting, ESO, DE
  • March; Chair of the MaNGA kinematics strategic committee
  • April 26-30; The Formation & Growth of Galaxies in the Young Universe, Obergurgl, AT
  • May 12-16; Visit IAC, Tenerife, ES
  • June 9-13; Califa Busyweek, Durham, UK
  • June 30-4; Nuclear Clusters in Galaxies, and the Role of the Environment, Leiden, NL
  • July 7-11; Galaxies in 3D, AT
  • July 14-18; Quenching and Quiescence, MPIA
  • July 21-25; Galaxy Masses as Constraints of Formation Models, Oxford, UK
  • July 27-29; SDSS-IV/MaNGA, Salt Lake City, USA
  • September 8-12; The Life and Times of Galaxies, Utah, USA
  • September 18; Colloquium at University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

2013 Events

  • January 7-15; Observing at the 2.7m at McDonald Observatory, USA
  • January 6-9; Remote observing at Caha, Spain.
  • March 18-22; Invited talk at the black hole fingerprints conference, Snowpac, USA
  • May 13; Invited talk at the Ringberg meeting: Far-infrared emission as window to study the formation of galaxies, Black Holes and dust in the young universe
  • May 27; arxiv posting of Bottom-heavy initial mass function in a nearby compact L*-galaxy
  • August; invited speaker at KITP Program on A Universe of Black Holes, USA
  • November; joined the MaNGA kinematics strategic committee
  • October 22-24; MPIA retreat

2012 Events

  • 12 September; Colloquium Anton Pannekoek Instituut, UvA, Amsterdam
  • 19 September; First Hubble Space Telescope observations of compact high dispersion galaxies my Cycle 20 program
  • October 23; Teatime talk at Cal Tech, Pasedena, USA
  • October 25; Teatime at Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, USA
  • October 31; Lunch Talk, Gemini Headquarters, Hilo, USA
  • November 2; Observing with the Keck telescope, Waimea, USA
  • November 5-12; Observing with the Green bank telescope, USA
  • November 5-12; Lunch Talk at NRAO office, Green Bank telescope, USA
  • November 13; Tuna Talk at NRAO, Charlottesville, USA
  • November 14; Visit Institute for advanced study, Princeton, USA
  • November 16; Visit Peyton Hall, Princeton, USA
  • November 29; Nature publication embargo ends
  • December 5; Seminar Leicester, UK
  • December 6; Seminar Nottingham, UK

About me

Remco van den Bosch Remco van den Bosch is a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck für Astronomie in the dynamics group in the Galaxy and Cosmology department. My research focuses on the stellar dynamics of nearby galaxies. During my PhD in Leiden, I developed sophisticated orbit-based dynamical models. As McDonald Fellow at the University of Texas in Austin and now as Fellow at the MPIA, I am doing observations with both large and small telescopes of super-massive black holes, nearby galaxies and dark halos.


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Keck Telescope

Greenbank Telescope