The quest for Dark Energy II:

theory and simulations confront observations


The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts in theoretical modeling of Dark Energy with experts in numerical techniques and observational cosmology, to shed light on the nature of Dark Energy.


A.V. Macciò (chair), L. Amendola (co-chair), J. Weller (co-chair)

M. Baldi, C. Penzo


L. Amendola (ITP - Heidelberg)

M. Baldi (UniBo)

M. Bartelmann (ITA - Heidelberg)

P. Brax (CEA)

A. Davis (Cambridge)

E. Komatsu (MPA)

A.V. Macciò (MPIA - Chair)

D. Mota (UiO)

J. Weller (Munich)

K. Wetterrich (ITP - Heidelberg)


Ringberg Castle, Dec. 14-19, 2014

This workshop is supported by:

Transregio program TRR 33

Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

Excellence Cluster Universe