Fachbeirat 2019

On November 6 - 8, 2019, we will be visited by the Fachbeirat (Scientific Advisory Board), which is the external scientific evaluation committee of the MPIA. This event will be of particular importance since MPIA will be evaluated also in relation to the other Max-Planck-Institutes with astronomical background.

What is the “Fachbeirat” and who will visit MPIA?

  • The Fachbeirat is our external scientific advisory committee.
    You can find the list of members at
  • The committee visits MPIA every three years
  • The committee evaluates mainly the scientific achievements of the institute. This includes also our instrumentation projects

This time, the Fachbeirat will be accompanied by two additional external experts which will also evaluate the other astronomy-related MPG-institutes.
These are Catherine Cesarsky (CEA Saclay) and John Peacock (Institute for Astronomy/Univ. Edinburgh).

Furthermore, the President and the Vice President of the Max-Planck-Society, as well as other representatives of the MPG will be at MPIA during that period.

What happens during the Fachbeirat and what is important for you?

The days of the visit of the Fachbeirat will be a mixture of…

  • talks and reports given by the institute´s management and other staff members,
  • guided tours/visits of laboratories and workshops,
  • meetings of the Fachbeirat with staff members, research group leaders, post-docs and students, and,
  • internal discussions/closed sessions of the members of the Fachbeirat.

(See also the detailed schedule below)

Please notice in particular, that...

  • ...we will have a guided tour through selected laboratories/workshops (Nov 7, 13:30)
  • ...there will be a Scientific Colloquium (Nov 7, 15:00)
  • ...we will have an Informal Get-Together and Buffet Dinner with all scientific personell (Nov 7, 18:30 at HdA)

IMPORTANT: Unless you will be/have been anyway approached for separate meetings or giving talks, the presence of scientists is important during the scientific colloquium on the afternoon of Nov 7 and the informal gathering with dinner at HdA afterwards (details will follow).

Please update also your pictures and posters in the corridors, and your webpages, if necessary.

Some boundary conditions during the visit

  • There will be no possibilities for other events at MPIA
    (e.g. meetings/talks/guided tours);
  • No meeting rooms for other purposes are available
    (e.g. lecture hall, seminar rooms etc.);
  • Everybody should be at MPIA
    (no holidays or business trips, unless there is an exceptional need for it)

 Reports and other documents for the Fachbeirat

Well in advance to the visit of the Fachbeirat we had to prepare several documents - in particuler two reports (a confidential Status Report and a Science Report).
Both reports are finished and have already been sent together with other materials to the Fachbeirat.
Thank you to all who have made contributions!

Important documents

You will be informed via email about updates of this webpage.
All information is also available on a notice board in the entrance hall in front of the canteen.

(last update: Oct. 30, 2019,  K. Jäger)

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