Instrumentation projects of the PSF department

The PSF department is involved in a number of astronomical instrumentation projects, ranging from space instruments like MIRI and long baseline interferometers like GRAVITY to Adaptive Optics instruments like SPHERE.

For a list of all current and past MPIA instrumentation projects, see the overview of ground-based and of space-based projects.

Current instrumentation projects involving the PSF department are:

GRAVITY - The Universe in Motion. Precision Astrometry with the VLTI
Contact Scientist at MPIA: Wolfgang Brandner
MATISSE - A mid-infrared imaging spectro-interferometer for the VLT
Contact scientist at MPIA: Thomas Henning
MIRI - Mid-infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope
Contact scientist at MPIA: Oliver Krause
SPHERE - High-Contrast Adaptive Optics Instrument for finding and observing extra-solar Planets
Contact scientist at MPIA: Markus Feldt
METIS - Mid-infrared ELT Imager and Spectrograph
Contact scientist at MPIA: Markus Feldt
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