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ESA Awards Major Euclid Contract

July 09, 2013
After years of planning a space mission, the awarding of contracts for actual construction to industry marks a major step. This step has now been taken for the Euclid mission, a space telescope slated for launch in 2020 which is set to explore the dark side of our cosmos: The ubiquitous dark matter, which can only be detected indirectly, but whose gravitational attraction plays a key role for the structure of galaxies and galaxy clusters, and dark energy, which is responsible for the fact that our universe not only expands, but accelerates its expansion. [more]

Astronomical Conference "Protostars & Planets" to take Place from 15 to 20 July 2013

July 09, 2013
Nine hundred scientists will be meeting in Heidelberg between 15 and 20 July 2013 for one of the biggest astronomical conferences anywhere in the world. On these six days, the experts intend to exchange views and knowledge about the present state of research on the evolution of stars and planets. [more]

MPI for Astronomy Employee's Children join the "Glückskinder" in September

July 01, 2013
The MPIA has expanded its existing services for improving ways to reconcile career, academia and family. As of September 2013, six further crèche places will be available to the institute in the "Glückskinder" group. The "Glückskinderwelt" in Heidelberg is centrally located and easy to reach, offers extremely flexible opening hours and uses the latest educational methods. [more]

Hubert Klahr is the 2013 Russell Severance Springer Professor in Berkeley

June 03, 2013
Professor H. Hubertus Klahr was nominated by the Mechanical Engineering faculty of the University of California at Berkeley as the Distinguished Russell Severance Springer Professor for 2013. Klahr, who is an expert in the theory of planet formation, will visit Berkeley in September 2013 to present a course of four to six lectures to Berkeley student and hold a Department Colloquium. [more]

Reimar Lüst Fellowship for Christoph Mordasini

May 27, 2013
Christoph Mordasini is Reimar Lüst Fellow 2013 of the Max Planck Society. The junior scientist, who works at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg, will use the two-year fellowship to continue his research on the statistical properties of planets around other stars (exoplanets). [more]
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