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Patzer Prize Awards 2019

December 02, 2019
On November 29, 2019, the solemn ceremony of the Ernst-Patzer Prize for the promotion of young scientists was held in the auditorium of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA). This year, the awards were given to Daizhong Liu, Michael Rugel and Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova. [more]
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Double award: MPIA-Mechanical Engineering Workshop and Leon Schädel receive MPG prizes

October 25, 2019
After 2014 and 2016, the mechanical engineering workshop of MPIA was once again awarded in 2019 by the Max Planck Society (MPG) for its special commitment to vocational training. In addition, Leon Schädel received the MPG Trainee Award. [more]
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Annalisa Pillepich wins Golden Spike Award

October 14, 2019
Annalisa Pillepich, group leader in the Galaxies and Cosmology department of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, has won the “Golden Spike Award” handed out by the High-Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart (HLRS). Each year, the award honours the three most excellent projects that have performed computations on the center’s clusters. Pillepich, together with her colleague Dylan Nelson from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, won the award for TNG50: a high-resolution simulation of galaxy evolution from the Big Bang to the present day. [more]
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Prize awarded by the Spanish Astronomical Society for Conchi Cárdenas Vázquez

September 24, 2019
Best Spanish PhD in instrumentation [more]
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Biermann Award for Eduardo Bañados

September 10, 2019
Eduardo Bañados, a staff scientist in the Galaxies and Cosmology Department of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, has been named the recipient of the German Astronomical Society's 2019 Ludwig Biermann Award. [more]
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