Getting to Heidelberg plane

There are three airports you might want to consider: Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN), and Stuttgart Airport (STR). Here is information about your transfer to Heidelberg

Transfer Airport Frankfurt FRA– Heidelberg (90 km)
There are three possibilities to get from Frankfurt airport to the centre of Heidelberg

  1. Train
    Fare: 25 € one way, 50 € round trip, plus supplement, plus bus or taxi to get to MPIA
  2. Lufthansa bus
    Reservation required.
    Fare: 25 € one way, 46 € round trip, plus bus or taxi to get to MPIA;
    With valid Lufthansa air ticket: 21 € single trip, 40 € round trip.

For a direct trip from the airport to the institute, we recommend to book a shuttle. Our experience with the following companies has been good in the past. You can make your own booking or ask the International Officer  to assist you.

  1. TLS shuttle
    Reservation required. This door-to-door shuttle is very convenient.
    Fare: FRA-HD: 38 € per person one way (car pool, no additional fee for waiting times)
    Email: or use online-form (preferred)
    Tel. +49(0)6221-770077
  2. ABC Fahrdienst
    Reservation required. Best option for families. This door-to-door shuttle is like a taxi.
    Fares: FRA-HD: 1 person: 60 € … 8 persons – 120 € plus VAT plus 7 € per 20 min. waiting time
    Email: or
    Tel: 0172 6211790 (24 h)

Transfer Airport Frankfurt Hahn HHN – Heidelberg (160 km)

  1. Hahn-express (Bus from Frankfurt Hahn to Heidelberg main station)
    Fare: 20 € one way, 36 € round trip, no reservation required.
  2. ABC Fahrdienst (Shuttle service)
    Reservation required. This door-to-door shuttle is like a taxi.
    Fares: Hahn – HD: 1 person 120 € / 8 people: 160 €

Transfer Stuttgart Airport SRT – Heidelberg (130 km)

Take the S-Bahn from the airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (ca. 20 minutes ride). Continue as described in the next section, " train". train

The website of Deutsche Bahn offers a searchable timetable:

Deutsche Bahn

If you put "Heidelberg, Max-Planck-Institute für Astronomie" as your destination, the resulting itinerary will include public transportation from the main station ("Heidelberg Hbf") to MPIA.

You might need to pay an extra charge if (a) you buy your ticket on the train, or (b) you take an especially fast train (ICE or IC) with a supplementary charge not included in your original ticket. bus

Overland bus connection can be found via Fernbus-Suchmaschine. The search engine is in German, but "Abfahrtsort = point of departure", "Zielort = destination", and "Abfahrtsdatum = Travel date" should get you started. car

Here is the Google Map again. Use the link below to get directions from Google:

Feel free to go to this location on Google Maps (Königstuhl 17) for directions etc.

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