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ERC Advanced Grant worth 2.49 million euros for Hubert Klahr

Hubert Klahr, head of the Theoretical Astrophysics working group in the Planet and Star Formation (PSF) department at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, has been awarded one of the… more

JWST peers into the heart of a starburst galaxy

Astronomers identify the origins of a galactic wind caused by intense star formation and fireworks of supernova explosions. more

Researchers identify two of the Milky Way's earliest building blocks

Astronomers have identified what could be two of the Milky Way’s earliest building blocks: Named “Shakti” and “Shiva”, these appear to be the remnants of two galaxies that merged between 12 and 13… more

On the right, in the foreground, is a primarily blue planet with white areas and surrounded by a hazy shell. In the background on the left, we see a brightly shining disk whose diameter is about 1/6 the planet’s size. Both objects are located in front of a black background with occasional bright dots.

Simulations provide a potential explanation for the mysterious gap in the size distribution of super-Earths. more

Key milestone reached in the construction of the Relay Optics Bench for ELT-MICADO

A few days ago, the optical bench of the Relay Optics was completed as a central component for the high-tech instrument MICADO. This is an important milestone, as MICADO is one of only four large… more

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