Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exo-planet REsearch


People @ SPHERE

As it is impossible to list all the many contributors to SPHERE, we give here an overview of the prime contacts and their functions/responsibilities in the SPHERE consortium:

Jean-Luc BeuzitP.I.LAO Grenoble
Markus FeldtCo-PIMPIA Heidelberg
Pascal PugetProject ManagerLAO Grenoble
Kjetil DohlenSystem EngineerLA Marseille
David MouilletInstrument ScientistLAO Grenoble
Raffaele GrattonProject ScientistO. Padova
Claire MoutouProject ScientistLA Marseille
Francois WildiInterface and AIT ManagerO. Geneva

Executive Board (aka Co-Is)

INSU/CNRSJ.-M. Hameury
LAOGJ.-L. Monin
LAMO. Lefèvre
LUANF. Vakili
MPIATh. Henning
INAFM. Turatto
ETH ZürichS. Lilly
Observatoire de GenèveS. Udry
NOVAR. Waters
ESOR. Gilmozzi

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