KoCo Organizing Committee

Beuther, Henrik
Henrik Beuther
Phone: +49 6221 528-447
Room: 228
Sabine Reffert
Phone:+49 6221 54-1713


Eva Schinnerer
Phone: +49 6221 528-293
Room: 223
Stefan Wagner
Phone:+49 6221 54ß1712


Ryan Leaman
Phone: +49 6221 528-439
Room: 332
Ludmila Carone
Phone: +49 6221 528-219
Room: 308/3

Königstuhl Colloquium

Königstuhl Colloquium (KoCo) is a joint colloquium of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) and the Landessternwarte (LSW) of the ZAH, where scientists from both institutions as well as their guests present new results.

Date and Time:

Every Friday at 15:00 h in the lecture hall of MPIA with snacks and drinks after the talk.

If you or your guest are interested in giving a presentation, please, contact the KoCo organizing committee (see contact information on the right).

Presentations should be no longer than 40-45min, provide a general introduction to the topic and present recent results in a wider context as the audience has a wide range of scientific expertise (graduate students to senior staff) and background ranging from Galactic to cosmology.

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