Apprenticeship program

MPIA is proud to offer several apprenticeship programs. The precision mechanics workshop offers an apprenticeship program, and the MPIA administration regularly trains aspiring office clerks.

Our team of apprentices 2018 with focus on precision mechanics:

1st year: Nico Fechtmann and Nathan Hellwich
2nd year: Linda Biermann and Sascha Fänderich
3rd year: Leon Schädel and Philipp Wilhelm
4th year: Larissa Stadter

with their supervisors, Stefan Meister
and his deputy, Tobias Stadler.

The precision mechanics apprenticeship lasts 3.5 years, the office clerk apprenticeship 3 years.

In Germany, apprenticeship is a joint course of professional training that combines a practical part and theoretical foundations. The practical part takes place in a company or institute, while basic theoretical training is provided by state-run schools ("Berufsschule").

A completed apprenticeship qualifies a person to work in their chosen profession.

Applicants for an apprenticeship at MPIA should be fluent in German. Further information can be found on our German webpages under Ausbildungsplätze.

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